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ACM Off-Campus Study Programs

Most ACM programs are open to students from any U.S. college or university.  Use the filters on the right to search for programs by themes, calendar, or features.

Member colleges

  1. Beloit College
  2. Carleton College
  3. Coe College
  4. Colorado College
  5. Cornell College
  6. Grinnell College
  7. Knox College
  8. Lake Forest College
  9. Lawrence University
  10. Luther College
  11. Macalester College
  12. Monmouth College
  13. Ripon College
  14. St. Olaf College

Off-campus study

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Eric Anderson I chose to study off-campus because I often wondered whether months and months spent in a liberal-arts bubble were really preparing me for "real life." The ACM Chicago Urban Studies program didn’t just prepare me for that real life, but made me a full participant in Chicago social movements and structures. As I left the program, I felt empowered to be part of whichever community I inhabit, and to understand how to approach that role in a bigger picture. I am also now conscious of the constant interaction between my privilege and marginalized communities. The Urban Studies program made me a real citizen of Chicago and the world. I met people in their real context, often without the usual safety nets. I tested my own values and reached concrete goals. Above all, it reminded me to dignify all humanity.

—Eric Anderson, Chicago Program (Urban Studies), Spring 2009

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