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The Ripon-Lawrence Collaborative Technology Training Project


Forging interdisciplinary collaborations with colleagues from departments of Asian Studies, History, Political Science, and Information Technology at St Olaf College, this project aims to produce interactive and interdisciplinary digital modules for teaching the unique Asian American experiences and histories of the Midwest, which often differ from the established narratives from the East and West Coasts.

The Ripon/Lawrence Collaborative Technology Training Project is a joint faculty development effort designed to move Ripon College and Lawrence University faculty forward as they integrate technology-enabled pedagogies into their classes to: achieve greater student engagement and collaboration; promote active learning and interaction; and increase the quality, breadth and depth of face-to-face class time. The initiative involves collaboratively organized faculty development events between the two campuses, offering teaching circles, peer mentoring and specialized training (Teaching Naked: How Moving Technology Out of Your College Classroom Will Improve Student Learning by Jose Bowen) related to the integration of technology into the liberal arts curriculum at both institutions. The selected activities are meant to build the internal capacity of each institution, while strengthening the ability of each to sustain the initiative beyond the initial grant by: • Identifying shared opportunities for faculty development that will result in shared expertise being created from within the institutions • Expanding professional ties and collegial relationships across campuses and disciplines by fostering a community of practice • Building “development support” networks and creating an enabling environment with like-minded colleagues between the institutions, and • Creating new curricular resources that other faculty can use or replicate to reduce subsequent course development/revision time.




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