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ACM Shared Programs

ACM colleges that operate their own off-campus study programs have an agreement to open up available spots to students from other ACM campuses. If you are interested in applying for one of the programs listed below, please contact the sponsoring institution directly.


Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Krakow
Comparative Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe

Carleton College
Fall semester
Rob Quanbeck


Bonn Program

Ripon College
Fall & spring semesters
Lorna Sopcak

Germany & Austria

Berlin & Vienna
Macalester German Program in Germany & Austria

Macalester College
Spring semester
Shanti Freitas


Bodh Gaya
Buddhist Studies in India

Carleton College
Fall semester
Rob Quanbeck


Francophone Seminar

Lawrence University
Spring trimester (even-number years only)
Lezlie Weber


Ecology and Anthropology in Tanzania

Carleton College
Fall trimester
Rob Quanbeck

United Kingdom

London Centre

Lawrence University
Fall, winter, & spring trimesters
Lezlie Weber

ACM Program Affiliates

The member colleges of the Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) jointly operate off-campus study programs that offer interdisciplinary approaches, personal attention, independent projects, and experience with diverse viewpoints and ways of learning.

Most ACM off-campus study programs are open to students from any college or university. Colleges that are not members of the ACM may wish to pursue affiliation with particular ACM off-campus study programs. Becoming a Program Affiliate can provide a variety of benefits for the affiliated college and its students, as outlined below.

ACM Program Affiliates agree to:

  • Include the affiliated ACM program(s) among the programs recommended for students.
  • Identify a faculty advisor from a relevant department for each affiliated program, to act as an academic liaison for that particular program.
  • Accept credit for academic work by students who enroll in the program based on the ACM grade recommendation form.
  • Allow students participating on the affiliated ACM program(s) to receive a similar amount of financial aid as they would on other approved programs.
  • Let ACM bill the college for program costs, with the college then billing students according to campus policies. If having ACM bill students directly is preferred, the college should work with ACM to ensure that timely student payments are made.
  • Participate in ACM surveys related to off-campus study.

ACM Program Affiliates receive these benefits:

  • A discount of 5% on program educational costs.
  • Priority in application consideration over students from non-affiliated colleges.
  • The opportunity to send faculty advisors as observers to the annual Faculty Advisory Committee meetings – held for each ACM program and focused on program development and academic oversight.
  • Regular updates about the program and student(s) on the program.
  • The opportunity to send faculty or staff to visit ACM program sites and meet with program faculty and support staff.
  • Reports on ACM surveys related to off-campus study.
  • External Program Review reports for the affiliated program(s).

Become a Program Affiliate

All requests for program affliation will be reviewed by the ACM Board of Directors. Formal affiliation between a college and the ACM is not required for students to participate in most ACM off-campus study programs.

ACM Field Museum Semester and Japan Study (based at Earlham College) are not available for affiliation. GLCA institutions do not have to apply for affliate status for the ACM Newberry Seminar or Oak Ridge Science Semester.

Download the  Program Affiliate Application. Colleges wishing to pursue affiliation for a particular ACM program(s) should contact:

Michael Vertovec
Assistant Program Manager

Current ACM Program Affiliates

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