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The State of Mental Health: The Evolving Landscape and Strategies/Resources for Navigating the Path Forward

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Mental health problems among college students were at alarming levels and on the rise prior to the eruption of COVID-19. The pandemic has added stressors and exacerbated mental health problems. Sara Abelson will review the current state of college student mental health nationally, trends over time, and opportunities for action, drawing on the largest study […]

Supporting the Mental Health of Students: My Role

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Being responsive to student mental health requires moving beyond “refer them to counseling.” In a small, liberal arts context, each of us has a role in creating an environment in which students can be mentally well, developing a safety net for when students are struggling, and helping students to feel valued. In this workshop, Lisa […]

ACM Anti-Racism: Cultural Taxation

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See www.ACM.edu/diversity for more information on this session and registration details. 

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