Developing ICF Online

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Discussion session at the 2016 Institute on College Futures.

Collaborators in the Project

Developing ICF Online was a collaborative effort among faculty and staff from four ACM colleges, the ACM office, and Acrobatiq.

Ed Finn, ACM Liaison for Innovation and Collaboration in Teaching and Learning, coordinated the nine-month project, which brought together content developed by ACM contributors and technical expertise provided by learning engineers from Acrobatiq.

Course material from the in-person Institute on College Futures seminars was shaped and enhanced by four content experts for the online course:

  • Bob Elder, Professor of Economics and Department Chair, Beloit College
  • Daniel Johnson, Gerald L. Schlessman Professor Professor of Economics & Business, Colorado College
  • Michael T. Orr, Krebs Provost and Dean of the Faculty, Professor of Art History, Lake Forest College
  • David Wheaton, Vice President for Administration and Finance, Macalester College

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ICF Online – A Case Study by Acrobatiq

  • Wheaton and Orr were two of the four main presenters at the ICF seminars in 2013-17. As a group, the content experts identified learning objectives for the course and created narrative pieces, problem sets, screencasts, and other interactive elements to enrich the online experience.Working alongside the content experts were instructional technologists from their colleges:
    • Jedidiah Rex, Manager, Instructional Technology, Beloit College
    • Jennifer Golightly, Academic Applications Specialist, Colorado College
    • Connie Corso, Academic Technology Specialist and Manager of the Brown Technology Resource Center, Lake Forest College
    • Brad Belbas, Visiting Assistant Professor of Educational Studies, Macalester College
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