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Research & Innovation

ACM offers significant opportunities for faculty collaboration and development across the spectrum of teaching, research, and service thanks to generous funding provided by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Teagle Foundation, and other partners.

The current portfolio of grant-funded activities supports projects designed and initiated by faculty and staff at ACM colleges, initiatives designed to institutionalize high-impact practices in the liberal arts and enhance equitable civic engagement strategies, and collaborations to explore technology-enabled education.


Collaboration to Institutionalize High-Impact Practices in the Liberal Arts

Funded by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, this initiative will build capacity on and across the ACM campuses to enhance the adoption of high-impact practices related to undergraduate research, community-based learning, and community-based research. 

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Faculty Career Enhancement Program (FaCE)

Funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the Faculty Career Enhancement (FaCE) program encourages and funds teaching and learning collaborations, collaboratively organized events, and other initiatives designed to identify and test innovations that have the potential to address current challenges or opportunities faced by liberal arts colleges and their faculty. 

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Equitable Civic Engagement Institute

Funded by the Spencer Foundation, the Equitable Civic Engagement Institute will enable the ACM colleges and their surrounding communities to explore how civic, business, and other dimensions of the communities in which our colleges reside affect students’ sense of belonging and well-being, their persistence toward graduation, and other issues contributing to academic success. 

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