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Administrative leaders and staff collaborate through the ACM to share resources, address common challenges, and develop innovative approaches on our campuses.

ACM programs for staff include Administrative Leadership Groups, which bring together divisional leaders from across the 14 campuses, as well as topical workshops and grant-funded initiatives. Programs that are also open to ACM faculty will link to a page in the Faculty area.
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Equitable Civic Engagement Institute

With generous funding from the Spencer Foundation, the ACM will bring faculty, staff, and community partners together to explore how civic, business, and other dimensions of the communities in which our colleges reside affect students’ sense of belonging and well-being, their persistence toward graduation, and other issues contributing to academic success.

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Anti-Racism Workshops

Sessions cover a range of topics from in-class facilitation, to student advising/mentorship and other institutional processes and decisions. Our goal is to provide skills and evidence-based practices that individuals can take back to their specific departmental and divisional contexts.

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ICF Online

A short professional development course for faculty and administrative staff that explores the economics of higher education and, more specifically, the financial challenges facing small liberal arts colleges. ICF Online is designed to help people with budgetary and planning responsibilities gain an understanding of the dynamics of college finances and use that knowledge to inform campus-wide decision-making.

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Professional Development Workshops

The ACM coordinates occasional virtual professional development offerings on timely topics suggested by campus leadership.

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Administrative Leadership Groups

The ACM college presidents, who comprise the Board of Directors, and the Advisory Board of Deans have governance responsibilities for the consortium. Administrative and staff groups meet regularly to collaborate, coordinate and share best practices.

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Resources for Collaboration

Throughout the year, professional development conferences, workshops, and seminars are sponsored by the ACM and by faculty-led projects that receive support from ACM grant-funded programs.

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Job Opportunities

Explore a listing of current career opportunities at ACM and at each of the 14 ACM member colleges and other partner institutions.

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Discover past & ongoing ACM initiatives

Our projects database includes nearly a decade of documentation indexed by college, year and topic. Find the latest details on our work, as well as inspiration and evergreen learning resources.

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