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Student in Tanzania learning about traditional Maasai culture. Photo courtesy of Erin Frankson.

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Luther Professor Feels at Home Leading the Botswana Program

Jul 3, 2014
Richard Mtisi

Richard Mtisi

The first time Richard Mtisi boarded an airplane, he was embarking on his first trip outside of his native Zimbabwe. Several stops and many, many hours later he arrived, late at night and exhausted, at his destination in the middle of Iowa.

The next day, Iowa City did not look like the large American city he had imagined it would be. "Is this it? Is this the U.S.?" Mtisi recalled thinking. "But I really enjoyed my time at the University of Iowa."

Twelve years later, Mtisi is still in Iowa, enjoying the beauty of the town of Decorah – even smaller than Iowa City – where he is Associate Professor of Africana Studies and History at Luther College.

He will return to Southern Africa for the 2015 spring semester, when he will share his lifelong experience and deep knowledge of the region with students from across the ACM as Visiting Faculty Director of the Botswana Program. Read more

In Brazil, Students Find Great Food, Warm People, and (in Time) Fluency In Brazil, Students Find Great Food, Warm People, and (in Time) Fluency May 3, 2014
For students from ACM colleges, Brazil Exchange is a plunge into Portuguese language, Brazilian culture, and a much different style of academic and campus life.
Studying Stereotypes and Women's Perspectives in Jordan Studying Stereotypes and Women's Perspectives in Jordan Apr 15, 2014
Cornell College student Kailey Colestock's independent research project on "Women and the Hijab" brought together academic and experiential aspects of her off-campus study.
Challenges, Self-Awareness, and the Perfect Stepping Stone Challenges, Self-Awareness, and the Perfect Stepping Stone Apr 6, 2014
The annual Student Symposium on Off-Campus Study is an opportunity for students from across the ACM to share their experiences studying around the world.

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Faculty from Carleton, Luther, and Ripon Selected for Visiting Positions in Spring 2016 Aug 22, 2014
Constance Walker, Andrew Whitfield, and Molly Margaretten will bring their experience and expertise to programs in London, Florence, and Botswana.
Biologist Bonnie Furman Selected as Director of ACM's Off-Campus Programs in Costa Rica Jul 10, 2014
Dr. Furman's international experience includes teaching and research in Latin America, South Asia, and the Middle East.
Fall 2015 Newberry Library Seminar to Explore Theme of "Knowing Your Place: Human and Social Geography" Jun 30, 2014
Visiting faculty will mentor students' independent research projects in the humanities.
Assessment and Student Research Are Main Topics for ACM Program Directors Conference Jun 13, 2014
Annual professional development meeting gathers off-campus program staff and visiting faculty.
Coe and Macalester Faculty Appointed to Visiting Positions for Fall 2015 in India, Italy, and Tanzania Jun 9, 2014
Andrea Kann, William Moseley, and Paul Overvoorde have research specialties and international experience to engage students in on-site learning.
Institute on College Futures Will Provide Overview of Economic Challenges Facing Liberal Arts Colleges May 29, 2014
Faculty participating in seminar on June 18-20 will make presentations to campus colleagues.

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