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Our Objective

With generous funding from the Spencer Foundation, the ACM will bring faculty, staff, and community partners together to explore how civic, business, and other dimensions of the communities in which our colleges reside affect students’ sense of belonging and well-being, their persistence toward graduation, and other issues contributing to academic success.

Project Overview

Beginning in Spring 2022, ACM staff will host a series of quarterly virtual workshops/webinars on themes identified by an ACM Planning Team, building an ACM community of practice around the issues and opportunities that frame students’ experiences with community both on and beyond our campuses. Topics to be explored during these workshops include identifying and clarifying a collective understanding of what well-being looks like through all aspects of a student’s experience on campus; how to work with city officials, business owners, and other community members with respect to safety and policing to ensure a welcoming environment for minoritized students; and other related dimensions of the college/community relationship.

These themes and the conversations they prompt during the workshop sessions will then frame the agenda for an ACM Institute on Equitable Civic Engagement to be held in fall 2023.

Recordings of the three virtual sessions and other anti-racism sessions can be found here.

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