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The ACM consortial office in downtown Chicago has a small conference room available for use. Priority is given to faculty, staff, and students from the 14 ACM campuses.

The space may be used for a variety of purposes, such as staff retreats, class visits, interviews, teleconferencing, and more. Use of space by outside groups is suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic.



  • Wi-Fi is available throughout the space.
  • Conference Room – Seats up to 14 people in a hollow square or classroom style. With social distancing, the room would hold four people.
  • Access to limited kitchen facilities (refrigerator, microwave, sink) is available.
  • The 180 N. Michigan Avenue building and ACM space are ADA compliant

Other services available

Note: The Event Sponsor will be responsible for set-up prior to the event and cleaning up afterward. The Event Sponsor will be responsible for all direct costs, including food and beverage and any of the following services:

  • Onsite photocopying and computers for use by ACM college faculty and students can be arranged.

Costs and fees

  • Rental fees for use of the facility are waived for ACM campus-based groups, except for courses for which tuition is charged.
  • Rental fee schedule as of 1/1/2022:

Conference Room: $400 for a full day and $200 for a half day.

  • Rental fees are based on use during regular business hours (Monday through Friday, except holidays). Outside of regular business hours, there will be a staff fee, in addition to any applicable rental fees, charged to the Event Sponsor for the cost of an ACM staff presence to keep the space open.
  • Costs and fees charged by the building management as a result of use of the space by a group (such as cleaning fees or charges for heating/air conditioning) will be charged to the Event Sponsor.

To reserve the ACM consortial space

  • All use of the ACM space is subject to availability. ACM consortial activities have priority in scheduling.
  • The Event Sponsor should contact Betsy Hutula. ACM will prepare a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to be signed by the Event Sponsor in order to reserve the space.
  • For questions about reserving and using the ACM consortial space, contact Betsy Hutula (312.561.5930).
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