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Networking & Collaboration

Each year, the ACM facilitates collaboration among hundreds of administrators, staff, and faculty from the 14 ACM member colleges.

Interaction among campus leaders is a major focus of consortial activity, along with professional development and student programs. These three areas intersect and reinforce each other to enhance the consortium’s effectiveness and value to the member colleges.

professional development

Administrative Leadership Groups

At a wide variety of consortial meetings, colleagues share information and leverage their collective experience to address challenges and to further their colleges’ goals.

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Shared Governance Is Focus of 2018 ACM Institute on College Futures

Resources for Collaboration

Collaboration and collective strength are keystones of the ACM community. Explore events, meeting opportunities, travel resources, and other tools we offer to support collaboration among and across our member institutions.

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“I’m so grateful to connect weekly with the ACM/GLCA Vice Presidents of Student Affairs. There is nothing more fulfilling—or more helpful—than connecting with others who are fulfilling your role in similar settings. Our discussions have been a lively source of answers, solutions, straw polls, commiseration, and connection. I count it among my most valuable time spent each week.”

ABC headshot

Andrea Conner

Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students
Lake Forest College
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