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Career & Teaching Opportunities

The ACM offers semester-long off-campus teaching opportunities and tenure-track professorships thanks to partnerships with the Newberry Library, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the Mellon Foundation, and others.

New PhD or terminal master’s degree graduates can be considered for a Mellon Faculty Fellowship, offering tenure-track appointments at one of the ACM colleges for faculty whose backgrounds and life experiences will enhance diversity on the ACM campuses. Current ACM faculty can teach and conduct field research through our Off-Campus Study programs. Qualified candidates can also explore academic career opportunities at our 14 member colleges.

Undergraduate & Faculty Fellows Program for a Diverse Professoriate

The ACM and the Big Ten Academic Alliance are engaged in a seven-year initiative to address barriers to faculty diversity in the humanities, humanistic social sciences, and arts, especially in the context of liberal arts colleges.

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Teaching Off-Campus

Visiting faculty positions at ACM programs are unique academic opportunities to teach and mentor students. In many cases, visiting faculty have been able to pursue new or ongoing research and have made contacts for future research lines.

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professional development

Mellon Faculty Fellowships

Mellon Faculty Fellowships offer tenure-track appointments at one of the ACM colleges to new PhD or terminal master’s degree graduates whose backgrounds and life experiences will enhance diversity on the ACM campuses and who have recently earned their graduate degree, preferably from a Big Ten Academic Alliance institution or the University of Chicago.

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Newberry front doors

Newberry Library / ACM Fellowship

Up to three Newberry Library-Associated Colleges of the Midwest Fellowships are available to tenured or tenure-track faculty from ACM-member institutions who demonstrate a specific need for the Newberry’s collection. This fellowship is open to all fields of study. The next application deadline is fall/winter 2022 for the 2023-2024 academic year.

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Resources for Job Seekers

Build your career in the liberal arts community. Explore job opportunities at the ACM or at any of our 14 member colleges.

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"The ACM-Mellon Faculty Fellows program completely transformed how I envision and carry out my roles as a scholar and teacher. The program nourishes fellows with timely professional development opportunities and resources that allow us to transition deliberately from the scarcity mindset and practices of graduate and postdoctoral training and into new roles as creative faculty members with purpose."


Sonya Maria Johnson

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Beloit College
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