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Cornell College
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600 First Street SW
Mount Vernon, IA 52314

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Off-Campus Study Advisors and Contacts

Make sure to contact the people at your college listed below for assistance when you apply for an ACM off-campus study program.

Cornell College Off-Campus Studies Office

ACM Projects at Cornell College

Tools for Teaching a Diverse Pre-Modern Western History

While the history of Roman and medieval Europe might seem distant from contemporary political unrest, events in 2017 showed otherwise. A Roman art historian received death threats for describing the […]

Dealing with Humanities Data

Returning from the SAIL seminar, we (Mouton and Sowell) discovered the timing of The 19th Century Novel and Dealing with Data courses would happily coincide. We hatched a plan for […]

Digital Humanities and Mary Shelley’s The Last Man

Introduction Part 2 of 3. Read Part 1: Dealing with Humanities Data. After failing to interest CSS students in their big data questions, the English students became determined to do […]

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