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Discussion group at the 2016 Institute on College Futures seminar.

Ready to learn about college finances and apply it to planning and budgeting at your institution? Here’s how.


ICF Online is open to faculty and administrators at any college or university. Consider taking the online course as part of a discussion group of faculty and staff colleagues at your institution to provide opportunities for in-person conversation about the topics, exercises, and budget scenario worksheets.

Please note: Registration procedures (shown below) vary depending on whether you are from an ACM member college or from another institution.

The course was built in the Smart Author adaptive learning platform developed by Acrobatiq, a company that grew out of the Open Learning Initiative (OLI) and other research efforts in cognitive science, human-computer interaction, and software engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.

The presentation of the material is scaffolded and personalized for each learner to build toward mastery of the concepts and content. Topics include:

Read more about the course design in

ICF Online – A Case Study by Acrobatiq

Registration for non-ACM institutions

  • An individual can purchase a single registration to take ICF Online.
  • Non-ACM institutions can make group purchases of any number of registrations for ICF Online, with a discount for groups of 50 or more.

If you are a faculty or staff member at a non-ACM institution and want to purchase a single registration:

You can purchase a single registration for ICF Online for $125. Download the individual purchase instructions and use the button below to purchase your registration and access the course.

Group purchase by a non-ACM institution:

Non-ACM institutions can make group purchases of any number of registrations for ICF Online. Blocks of fewer than 50 are $125 per registration; a discounted group rate of $100 per registration is available for blocks of 50 or more. The institution making the group purchase will distribute registration instructions for participants to access the course.

For more information about ICF Online, contact:

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