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Teotihuacán – Pirámide del Sol

Teotihuacán – Pirámide del Sol March 8, 2010
Teotihuacán - Pirámide del Sol

Photo courtesy of Scott Ozaroski.
ACM Mexico Summer Program: Service Learning & Language Immersion

Just outisde of Mexico City is the archaeological site of Teotihuacán, home to some of the largest pyramids in the world.  This photo is taken from the Pyramid of the Moon, and is a view of the Pyramid of the Sun (the world’s third-largest pyramid), along the Avenue of the Dead.  Students participating in the ACM summer program in Mexico City will be spending most of their time volunteering in non-governmental organizations and taking Spanish classes,  but they will also experience a variety of  field  trips and cultural excursions, including a visit to this ancient site of Teotihuacán.

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