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Chicago Arts Festival Will Showcase Students’ Creativity in Wide-Ranging Artistic Media

Chicago Arts Festival Will Showcase Students’ Creativity in Wide-Ranging Artistic Media December 3, 2010

Six young artists working in wide-ranging artistic media – ceramics, animation, website design, photography, creative writing, and music – will be showcased at the ACM Chicago Arts Festival on Saturday, December 11.

ACM Chicago Arts Festival

7-9 pm on Saturday, December 11

177 N. State Street, Chicago

The artists are participants in the Chicago Arts Program, which hosts the student-organized event to highlight the art the students create during their semester in Chicago. The show will be set up so the audience can informally mingle and talk with the artists while viewing and hearing their artwork.

The city of Chicago has been a source of inspiration for the students throughout their months on the program, said Chicago Arts Director Dave Amrein, and that inspiration will be reflected in the Festival.  For example, he said, musician Sean Biggs will present chamber music he composed based on monuments and buildings around Daley Plaza, such as the Picasso sculpture and City Hall.

Chicago Arts studentsChicago Arts students in front of the Art Institute of Chicago. Photo courtesy of Martina Nehrling.

“Kaitlyn Herzog is interested in photography and has a really long family history in Chicago,” said Amrein. “She actually has great great grandparents photographed on the Midway at the Chicago Columbian Exposition in 1893, and she even has a ticket for admission to the fair.” Herzog will show her photo essay which incorporates both archival material and photos she’s taken recently in Chicago.

Most of the work at the Festival was created by the students for their Independent Study Projects, though Amrein noted that there may be some “surprises” at the event that have grown out of other components of the program, such as the students’ internships or the arts seminar all of them take.

Here’s the lineup of Festival artists and the work they will present.

  • Sara Bennett (Lake Forest College) – Stop-motion animated films.
  • Sean Biggs (Lake Forest College) – A series of short compositions based on cityscapes in and around Daley Plaza.
  • Lauren Greve (Knox College) – A screenplay for a short film.
  • Kaitlyn Herzog (Lawrence University) – A photo essay based on her family’s history in Chicago and current photos she has taken around the city.
  • Hallie Kuhn (Coe College) – Ceramic table place settings.
  • Leigh Wasson (Beloit College) – Design for a website that covers Chicago’s hip hop culture.

The Festival will be held from 7-9 p.m. at 177 N. State Street, home to the three ACM Chicago Programs – Chicago Arts, Urban Studies, and Business, Entrepreneurship, & Society. The event is open to the public. For more information, call the Chicago Programs office at 312-263-5000.


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