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FaCE Grants Support Faculty to Attend and Present at Professional Conferences

FaCE Grants Support Faculty to Attend and Present at Professional Conferences January 8, 2011

The ACM Faculty Career Enhancement (FaCE) project aims to promote faculty collaboration and innovation on ACM campuses, and also to make an impact more broadly in the higher education community. Disseminating the results of FaCE projects has thus been a high priority.

To that end, faculty who have received FaCE Phase II grants, awarded from 2008 to the present, are encouraged to apply for FaCE Presentation Grants. These new grants enable FaCE grant recipients to attend conferences and workshops, particularly those with a national scope, and present the results of their FaCE projects to a wide audience.

“The level of innovation and collaboration in the ACM FaCE projects over the past several years has been extraordinary,” said ACM Vice President John Ottenhoff. “We want to be sure that the broader liberal arts and higher education communities benefit from the excellent work sponsored under FaCE and are thus very pleased to be able to offer the new grants for presenters.”

The Presentation Grants supplement the ACM-FaCE website, hosted by the Science Education and Resource Center (SERC) at Carleton College, which is a rich – and growing – repository of materials generated by FaCE-funded conferences, workshops, and research projects. Organizers of FaCE-funded projects establish webpages during the early stages of their collaborations and will continue to enrich the pages by adding materials beyond the life of the project.

Faculty can apply for FaCE Presentation Grants at two points — February 1 and April 1 — to  support presentations they will make in 2011 and 2012.

Faculty at ACM colleges who have planned and led FaCE collaborative events and research projects are eligible for the grants. With their endorsement, faculty who substantially participated in those projects may also apply for funding.

Funding may be used for conference or workshop registration, travel, lodging, and meals directly connected to the event. Individual awards may range up to $3,000, with the maximum typically applying to international events.

Complete information about the FaCE Presentation Grants and guidelines for proposals are on the FaCE webpage.

The ACM FaCE project is supported by generous grants from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


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