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Boats Along the Ganges

Boats Along the Ganges January 12, 2011
Boats Along the Ganges

Photo courtesy of Nathan Grady, Lawrence University.
ACM India, Fall 2009

“This photo was taken in Varanasi, from a small row boat traveling along the Ganga (Ganges) River, the holiest river in India.  I was traveling with Alison, Meghan, and Garrett from our group (we were also with two other people we had met from Germany) going to Ramnagar Fort on the far side of the river, an old fort which had been turned into something of a museum.  For us, however, much of the adventure and appeal was the boat ride itself, right on the surface of the fabled Ganga.  It was really gorgeous (despite the pollution) and gave us a great new perspective to view the holy city and the many ghats, as are captured in the picture itself.”

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