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Call for Pre-Proposals Enables Faculty to Shape the Content of SAIL Seminar

Call for Pre-Proposals Enables Faculty to Shape the Content of SAIL Seminar April 20, 2011

SAIL Seminars

Call for


Extended Deadline: June 10

ACM has launched a new program of intensive, off-campus study experiences for faculty. The ACM-Mellon Seminars in Advanced Interdisciplinary Learning (SAIL) will encourage cross-disciplinary exploration of salient topics and support the participants in developing innovative, liberal arts coursework for juniors and seniors.

ACM has released a Call for Pre-Proposals for faculty to shape the content and leadership of the first SAIL seminar in summer 2012. The seminar will immerse a group of 15 ACM faculty in a setting that encourages multiple perspectives and collaboration across disciplines. The extended deadline for pre-proposals is June 10, 2011.

The program will sponsor a series of five annual seminars, each with its own topic, location, structure, and group of faculty leaders and participants. Two seminars will be held internationally and three in the U.S.

SAIL Seminars

The SAIL seminars will:

  • Examine a broad, enduring topic in cross-disciplinary contexts for a 10-day seminar;
  • Travel to a site in the U.S. or abroad that would be propitious for exploring the topic from various disciplinary perspectives;
  • Engage 15 ACM faculty across all divisions — math and natural sciences, arts and humanities, and social sciences — as leaders and participants;
  • Generate ideas and tools for upper-level curricular elements that will be developed in the ensuing academic year;
  • Enlist a faculty leadership team representing the three disciplinary divisions to design the intellectual content and direct the seminar;
  • Benefit individual faculty and the advanced students who study with them.

In effect, SAIL will establish temporary research centers at sites around the globe, challenging participants to leave their physical and intellectual comfort zones and explore big questions through new methodologies and perspectives.

All the seminars, funded by a generous grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, will follow the same cycle of a call for pre-proposals in the spring, to determine topic, location, and leadership, and a call for participants in the fall. Travel, lodging, and meals for the seminars will be provided, and participants will receive honoraria upon completion of curricular development projects.

Complete information about SAIL and the call for pre-proposals is on the SAIL webpage.

Questions? Contact ACM Vice President John Ottenhoff or ACM Project Manager Cara Pickett at 312-263-5000.


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