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FaCE Grants Support Book Studies, Off-Campus Pedagogy, Spanish Teaching, and Human Subject Protection in Student Research

FaCE Grants Support Book Studies, Off-Campus Pedagogy, Spanish Teaching, and Human Subject Protection in Student Research April 26, 2011

Grants recently awarded through the ACM Faculty Career Enhancement (FaCE) Project will bring together ACM faculty for workshops on the past, present, and future of the book; the challenges of teaching and researching at off-campus sites; the 21st century realities of teaching Spanish; and the protection of human research subjects in student research projects.

In addition, teams of faculty representing theatre, archaeology, and psychology were awarded Presentation Grants to share the results of previous FaCE-funded projects to national scholarly communities at professional conferences, part of an overall goal of FaCE to spread the impact of FaCE collaborations beyond the ACM campuses.

In all, eight projects received grants totaling $65,435 in this final cycle of funding for collaborative events and research under FaCE Phase II. Supported by generous funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the FaCE Project has strengthened consortial ties by promoting innovative models of collaboration among faculty across disciplines and across the ACM campuses.

Conferences in spring 2012 for ACM faculty cross disciplinary boundaries

A hybrid research/event collaboration aimed at helping ACM institutions meet the ethical, educational, and legal challenges posed by the use of human subjects in student research is among the four collaborative projects selected by the FaCE Steering Committee to receive grants.

Each of the projects will include a workshop or conference for faculty from across the ACM in spring 2012. See the list of grants funded for more information about all of these projects.

  • Protecting Human Subjects in Student Inquiry Projects: Addressing the Educational, Ethical, and Legal Obligations of Liberal Arts Institutions – An interdisciplinary team of faculty and staff from St. Olaf, Carleton, and Beloit Colleges will investigate guidelines for human subject protection and draft policy documents to be recommended for use across the ACM. The project will culminate in an ACM-wide symposium in spring 2012 at St. Olaf College.
  • New Realities Beyond the Classroom and the Teaching of Spanish in the 21st Century – Organized by faculty from Beloit, Carleton, Macalester, and Lake Forest Colleges, this two-day workshop in spring 2012 at Beloit College will bring together ACM faculty in Spanish and staff working with resources related to Spanish to discuss topics in technology, community-based learning, study abroad, and linguistic-related objectives in language classes.
  • The Past, Present, and Future of the Book – Cornell College will host a conference bringing together scholars, artists, and librarians to discuss book history and explore the impact of digital technology on traditional studies of the book.
  • The Power of Place: Facing the Challenges of On-Site Teaching and Researching – Tom Sienkewicz (Monmouth College) is coordinating a faculty conference that will build on the example of the ACM Florence Program to the explore the ever-changing challenges of teaching and researching on-site in locations like Florence. The outcome of the conference will be a volume of essays celebrating recently retired Florence director Janet Smith.

Presenting the results of FaCE projects online and at conferences

The fruits of many of the projects funded by FaCE grants since spring 2008 can be seen on the ACM-FaCE website hosted by the Science Education Resource Center (SERC) at Carleton College. ACM has partnered with SERC to produce this site — part of a larger, searchable database —to bring greater visibility to FaCE-funded research collaborations and events.

Each project is featured on an individual set of pages, where the organizers can disseminate conference papers, course modules, teaching assignments, research reports, continuing collaborations, bibliographies, and other products of the collaboration.

To bolster the dissemination efforts, FaCE offers Presentation Grants to faculty who received funding in previous cycles and who now want to make presentations about their collaborative events and research at national scholarly forums. Four grants were awarded in the spring 2011 funding cycle.

  • Applications for the Psychology of Forgiveness – Loren Toussaint (Associate Professor of Psychology, Luther College) and Asani Seawell (Assistant Professor of Psychology, Grinnell College)
  • Dhiban Excavation and Development Project – Katherine Adelsberger (Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, Knox College) and Danielle Fatkin (Assistant Professor of History, Knox College)
  • Performance Remains, Global Presence: Memory, Legacy, and Imagined Futures – Liz Carlin Metz (Professor of Theatre, Knox College)
  • Somatic Skills Synthesis and Assimilation in Embodied Performance Pedagogy: The Neuroscience of Physical Theatre – Dennis Barnett (Associate Professor of Theatre, Coe College)

Concluding FaCE conference in October

Though this was the last formal funding cycle, the FaCE Project is not finished yet. On October 28-30, Colorado College will host an ACM-wide conference, which will provide a forum to highlight the achievements of the over 50 projects that have been funded by FaCE since 2008 and reflect on the project as a whole.

The conference will mark the conclusion of the FaCE Project by reaffirming the crucial role of interdisciplinary collaboration to enhance teaching and learning at ACM colleges. Information will be posted on the FaCE page on the ACM website as details become available.


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