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ACM Announces New Price Structure for Off-Campus Study Programs

ACM Announces New Price Structure for Off-Campus Study Programs February 11, 2009

The Associated Colleges of the Midwest (ACM) has announced a new price structure for the consortium’s off-campus study programs that will take effect in fall 2009. ACM operates 15 programs for undergraduates in the U.S. and eight other countries.

“This new price structure is aimed at maintaining, and even enhancing, the superb academic quality which has long been a hallmark of ACM off-campus study programs,” said ACM President Christopher Welna. “At a time when a global perspective is more important than ever, students who choose ACM programs can expect an unforgettable academic and life experience at a competitive cost.”

Whether in Chicago, Tanzania, or any other location, ACM programs focus on a “pedagogy of place.” Teaching and learning take full advantage of the distinctive resources available at the program site. Students can benefit from the close faculty-student interaction, opportunities for independent work, and interdisciplinary approaches that characterize liberal arts education at its best when they choose an ACM program.

The new price structure is designed to help students and their families by making ACM off-campus study programs more affordable in most cases. It will also simplify cost comparisons between ACM programs and other off-campus study programs.

Each ACM program now has published prices for tuition, which covers instructional costs, and a program fee, which covers non-instructional expenses such as lodging. Tuitions and program fees vary from program to program, depending on the costs at each program site. Complete information is at www.acm.edu/pricing.

Students from all colleges and universities are welcome to participate in ACM programs.  Those students who are enrolled at ACM member colleges receive a 10 percent discount in program tuitions.

As with all off-campus study programs, the total charges that students pay to participate can vary from college to college. Students should check with the off-campus study office to confirm how the college charges students for off-campus study programs. For example, the charges for off-campus study required by a particular college may be based on the college’s tuition, and there may be special fees assessed for off-campus study. Students should also check with the off-campus study office or financial aid office to confirm what financial aid can be used toward the costs of a program.
In addition to the direct charges assessed by the college for off-campus study (which will include the program tuition and the program fee for non-instructional costs) students should expect to pay round-trip transportation to the site, local transportation at the program site, meals (unless some are explicitly included in the program fee), and personal expenses.

ACM has been a leader since the early 1960s in providing off-campus study programs around the world for undergraduates. The ACM member institutions, located in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Colorado, are Beloit College, Carleton College, Coe College, Colorado College, Cornell College, Grinnell College, Knox College, Lake Forest College, Lawrence University, Macalester College, Monmouth College, Ripon College, and St. Olaf College. Luther College will join ACM on July 1, 2009.

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