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FaCE Launches with RFP for Faculty Projects in Innovative Teaching

FaCE Launches with RFP for Faculty Projects in Innovative Teaching September 23, 2014
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FaCE, the ACM program that funds innovative, collaborative projects by faculty, as well as staff engaged in technology and teaching and learning, has launched with a Request for Proposals for the fall 2014 funding cycle. Supported by a $2 million grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, this third phase of the Faculty Career Enhancement (FaCE) Program will offer fall and spring funding cycles in each academic year through 2020.

Funding is available for joint research projects, teaching and learning collaborations, workshops and conferences, and other initiatives that have a compelling potential to strengthen the educational mission of residential liberal arts colleges.

FaCE Request for Proposals

Apply online by:

December 15, 2014

Go to the ACM Faculty Projects Portal

Awards typically will range from $5,000 to $30,000 or possibly more, depending on the complexity of the project, type of activity, and number of faculty involved.

Brian Williams, ACM Vice President and Director of Faculty Development and Grant Programs, anticipates that six to ten faculty projects will be funded at varying levels in each cycle. “To be selected, the proposals have to evidence collaboration among faculty, certainly across academic departments and hopefully across institutions,” he said. “And they need to address current challenges or opportunities that liberal arts colleges face.”

“Sustainability of the projects and dissemination of the results will also be important factors in the selection process,” Williams noted. “Faculty should identify and propose projects that can have a lasting impact on the participants’ campuses, across the ACM, and at other institutions as well.”

The funding cycles in the fall and spring of each academic year will be organized around a theme related to the overall goals of the program. The theme will be explored at an ACM-wide conference held each fall and proposals addressing the theme will be given preference during the cycles.

Technology-enabled education, which is the theme for the fall 2014/spring 2015 cycles, will be the focus of a FaCE-sponsored conference on October 17-19 in Chicago. ACM faculty and instructional technologists will gather to hear about online initiatives, both nationally and at ACM colleges, and to engage in working sessions to discuss possible collaborations and projects for FaCE 3 funding.

Preference will be given in the current funding cycle to projects that incorporate technology-enabled teaching techniques, such as online courses and blended learning strategies, into course offerings and course design in ways that enhance student learning and engagement. The fall 2014 RFP includes a list of examples of potential projects, a step-by-step guide for submitting proposals, and a grant submission checklist.

The start-up of FaCE also marks the inaugural use of a new Faculty Projects Portal on the ACM website. To apply for grants and other opportunities, faculty will create a user account and complete the application online, with the application remaining available for modifications until the applicant chooses to submit the materials to ACM.

Once projects are selected for funding, the portal will be used for submitting reports and other information. Each FaCE project will have a dedicated webpage on the ACM website for project leaders to share goals, activities, participants, and results of the project.

The deadline for submitting proposals in this FaCE funding cycle is December 15, 2014.


  • FaCE Request for Proposals:

Guide for submitting proposals
Grant submission checklist

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