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Living in the City and Gaining Independence

Living in the City and Gaining Independence May 9, 2017
Living in the City and Gaining Independence

Blog posts and photos by faculty on the London site visit to the London & Florence: Arts in Context program

Kristin Larson

Student Flats and the Tube

Post by Kristin Larson, Professor of Psychology, Monmouth College

On the last day of our whirlwind visit to the London portion of the ACM London-Florence program, we were able to squeeze in a visit to the student’s flats.

The lively, urban community is populated by tall residential buildings, tree-lined streets, small business and bustling activity. Rental bicycles are available just down the street.

The high-rise flats are modern and spacious, with a full-size kitchen, hard wood floors, contemporary furnishings, and an amazing view off the balcony of London’s famous Gherkin.

Faculty on the site visit to London walking in neighborhood where the London & Florence program students live.

The building itself is filled with college-age students from many other programs and homelands.

It is quite a change for the students, from the warmth and hospitality of their homestays in Florence, but the students say they are embracing the contrast and growing in their independence. They have certainly mastered “The Tube” and now have access to all of London and the suburbs!

Students get their bearings by studying the London Tube map during their first week in the city.

Read what students have said about their experiences living in London and Florence!

  • Laura Linder-Scholer, St. Olaf College — “My time in London taught me to appreciate the inexhaustible excitement of England’s capital.” More
  • John Ingemann, Ripon College — “In the matter of a few weeks, a quiet country boy like myself was a world class traveler!” More
  • Kristin Anderson, Luther College — “In contrast, apartment life in London compelled me to learn more about life beyond the home.” More

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