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Below are some quick reference examples of different modules and layout units being used throughout the site. This page will be supplemented with tutorial videos and guidance on how and where to use these different layout and design tools.

Headline + 2/3 CTA

ACM connects fourteen colleges across five midwestern states to serve over 22,000 students, 2,500 faculty, and 4,500 staff in pursuit of a shared mission.

We work to encourage excellence in teaching and learning; promote equity and inclusion and celebrate individual and collective diversity; strengthen the connection between inquiry and practice; amplify the expertise of faculty, students, and staff; and cultivate an open environment for innovation and exchange.

1/3 + 2/3 Row with Text

Title Text

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Full-width parallax CTA (call to action)

Working toward excellence. equity. connection. innovation.

The Associated Colleges of the Midwest enriches residential liberal arts education and strengthens members through collaboration.

Recent # Projects

This module uses a “shortcode” (bracketed text) to specify how many related posts to show, what post type to query (Projects), and which taxonomy term (Institution) with which to filter results.

Recent FaCE Projects

The Faculty Teaching Fellows Program

The project aims to develop a cohort of faculty with expertise in peer observation of teaching who can provide more teaching-related professional development opportunities to faculty than what is currently […]

Race in Motion: Galvanizing Antiracist Praxis in Dance Studies

We plan to initiate a colloquium in critical dance studies that connects dance programs across the ACM to foster innovation in dance scholarship and pedagogy. Through six high-impact events with […]


This testimonial layout may be modified over time, especially if we decide to show a carousel of multiple testimonials instead of just a single testimonial.

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