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Tove Himango April 3, 2024

Finalist in the 2024 Nick Adams Short Story Contest

Read the story: Cavity

Tove Himango

More about Tove Himango:

  • Senior at Knox College
  • Majors: Creative Writing and Environmental Studies
  • Hometown: St. Paul, MN

ACM: Do you have plans after graduation?

Himango: After graduation, I plan on initially pursuing work in the environmental studies field, but I would eventually like to return to school for conservation or environmental justice. My larger, distant goal is to become a nature writer.

ACM: What sparked your interest in writing, and how did you get started writing fiction?

Himango: I have been writing fiction about as long as I have been able to hold a pencil. As a child I loved to play pretend, so my interest in writing also began with the imaginary. I think my earliest sources of inspiration came from reading in bed with my mom and all the time my family spent camping around Minnesota. I am very inspired by the place I grew up: combining the mundanities of daily life with the magic of the natural world, the supernatural, and the surreal is the main driving force behind a lot of the settings found in my work.

ACM: How have you developed your writing while you’ve been at Knox?

Himango: When deciding to go to school for creative writing, I vowed to take every class the program had to offer that I possibly could. I started by honing my existing skills and interest in fiction and poetry, but soon developed a similar infatuation with playwriting and nonfiction. My time at Knox has made me a more versatile writer, both in form and in the genres of content I have experimented with. I owe a lot of my development to my professors, my peers, and the writing workshop process.

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