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Coe College
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1220 First Avenue N.E.
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

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Off-Campus Study Advisors and Contacts

Make sure to contact the people at your college listed below for assistance when you apply for an ACM off-campus study program.

Coe College Office of Off-Campus Study

ACM Projects at Coe College

Engaging the Community of ACM Mathematicians

This project will bring several members from each mathematics department in the ACM to participate in a two-day meeting to be held in July 2017 at the ACM office in […]

Tuning the Classics

Inspired by the American Historical Association’s Tuning Project, Tuning the Classics seeks to bring together classicists, and those teaching aspects of the classical world in other disciplines, in order to […]

Teaching and Mentoring Research of Undergraduate Economics in the ACM

In the wake of the Great Recession, the economics profession was pummeled almost daily in mass media. The core critique excoriated economics curriculum for its abstraction. The critics targeted well-known […]

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