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Coe College
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1220 First Avenue N.E.
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

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Off-Campus Study Advisors and Contacts

Make sure to contact the people at your college listed below for assistance when you apply for an ACM off-campus study program.

Coe College Office of Off-Campus Study

ACM Projects at Coe College

ACM Planning Meeting on Mississippi Studies

Mississippi Studies re-imagines the river and its tributaries as a coherent cultural and research corridor, fostering new ways of conceptualizing its shared environment, heritage, and rich role in the history […]

Writing Wilderness

Curricular materials created for the 2017 SAIL seminar: Wilderness in the Anthropocene Our Curricular Project involved a broadly-conceived culture change at the Coe College Wilderness Field Station (WFS) and specific […]

Locally Francophone

Despite the increasing need for language and intercultural proficiencies, cutbacks in language programs are a national trend. Programs in smaller, less well-endowed institutions are particularly at risk, especially in the […]

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