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Costa Rica Program Offers Direct Enrollment Option in the Fall Semester

Costa Rica Program Offers Direct Enrollment Option in the Fall Semester September 9, 2010

Students who want to take courses at a Costa Rican university now will have that option through ACM’s fall semester Costa Rica: Language, Society, & the Environment program.

Beginning in fall 2011, students with advanced levels of Spanish language proficiency will be able to enroll directly in classes at Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) in the capital city of San José.

Participants in the direct enrollment option will choose two or three courses from the wide range of classes, all taught entirely in Spanish, that are available to Costa Rican students enrolled at UCR. They will also take the following two courses at the ACM Center:

  • Introduction to Costa Rica, taught by ACM Costa Rica Program Director Chris Vaughan, is part of the curriculum of the fall semester program. Using a case studies approach, the course examines current social and environmental issues in Costa Rica, and features guest speakers and field trips. The course is taught in Spanish and English at the beginning, and then entirely in Spanish for the remainder of the semester.
  • Spanish Language – Specifically designed for students in the direct enrollment option and taught by ACM staff, this course emphasizes reading and writing skills.

Students in the direct enrollment option will be placed with host families in the San Pedro neighborhood of San José, convenient to both UCR and the ACM Center, and will participate in a variety of field trips.

Student with host motherAn ACM student with her host mother.

Photo courtesy of Natalie Talbert

The direct enrollment option follows the calendar of the Costa Rican academic year. Participants will arrive in early August in time to begin the second semester at UCR, and the program will conclude in early December when the UCR semester ends.

To be considered for the direct enrollment option, students must have completed at least five semesters of college-level Spanish, or the equivalent. The direct enrollment option is only offered in the fall semester; it is not an option in ACM’s spring semester Costa Rica: Field Research in the Environment, Social Sciences, & Humanities program.



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