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“FaCE Value” Conference Will Look Ahead to the Future of Consortial Collaboration

“FaCE Value” Conference Will Look Ahead to the Future of Consortial Collaboration August 24, 2011

Three years of innovative cross-disciplinary and cross-campus collaborative projects will culminate in FaCE Value: Advances Through Collaboration, an ACM-wide conference this fall. Faculty and administrators from the 14 ACM colleges will celebrate, assess, and further disseminate the collective work funded in Phase II of the ACM-Mellon Faculty Career Enhancement (FaCE) Project.

This capstone conference, on October 28-30 at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO, promises to highlight innovative pedagogies and programs of interest to the broader higher-education community. Most of the over 50 FaCE-funded projects will be represented at the conference, with project members speaking on panels or presenting posters about their collaborative research and events.

“We look forward to taking stock of the most significant and consequential achievements of this ambitious project, with an eye towards helping each of our campuses develop new faculty initiatives and plans,” said John Ottenhoff, ACM Vice President.

A major feature of the Face Value conference will be panel and poster sessions by FaCE grant recipients. These sessions will cover topics such as assessment, expanding disciplinary boundaries, international courses and programs, institutional structures, faculty-student collaboration, and new media and technologies.

Presenters will discuss the major findings of their projects, as well as important lessons learned about collaborating across disciplines and campuses.  They will also answer key questions about the impact and sustainability of their work, such as:

  • What has changed because of the project?
  •  What are the prospects for sustaining collaboration or for follow-up activities?
  • How might other ACM colleagues benefit from the work of the projects?

Through these sessions, each of which will feature several individual projects, the conference aims to bring the various FaCE projects into dialogue with each other, both to deepen consortial understanding of the implications of FaCE as a whole, and to help ACM and its member colleges assess the cumulative impact of the project and consider pathways for future collaborations.

FaCE Value will provide a chance to add up the huge variety of work that has been accomplished through FaCE and to gauge the differences that have been made on ACM campuses as a result,” noted ACM President Christopher Welna. “In short, we can find out what mattered and how we can carry that forward.”

Since its inception in 2004, the FaCE Project has been supported by generous funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. FaCE Phase II followed the first, four-year phase of the project, which focused on the changing needs of faculty at different stages of their careers.


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