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Coe and Macalester Faculty Appointed to Visiting Positions for Fall 2015 in India, Italy, and Tanzania

Coe and Macalester Faculty Appointed to Visiting Positions for Fall 2015 in India, Italy, and Tanzania June 9, 2014
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Three professors – Andrea Kann from Coe College and William Moseley and Paul Overvoorde from Macalester College – have been named as visiting faculty on off-campus study programs in Tanzania, India, and Florence for the fall 2015 semester.

“All three will bring international experience and research specialties that will enable them to really engage with the program sites to enrich the curriculum for the students,” said Joan Gillespie, ACM Vice President and Director of Off-Campus Study Programs, in announcing the appointments. “They will be wonderful colleagues for our on-site program faculty and staff.”

Most ACM programs include visiting positions, fostering faculty development opportunities, curricular integration between on-campus and off-campus learning, and engagement with consortial programs by faculty at the member colleges.

Gillespie noted that both Kann and Moseley have already participated in ACM-sponsored faculty site visits to the programs where they now will be visiting instructors, and Overvoorde will join the site visit to Tanzania this fall.

“This outcome is exactly what motivated the ACM Deans to create the faculty site visits,” she said. “The visits give faculty the chance to develop a good understanding of the program so they can share their first-hand experiences with students in the classroom and in advising sessions, and also so they can decide how a visiting appointment might fit into their teaching and research.”

As part of their preparation for the positions, Kann, Moseley, and Overvoorde will participate in ACM’s annual Program Directors and Visiting Faculty Conference, which includes orientation and workshop sessions on topics such as program policies, student health and safety, research ethics in student inquiry, and program assessment.

Andrea Kann, Associate Professor of Art, Coe College

An art historian, Kann teaches courses at Coe ranging from Art of the Renaissance to 19th Century Art to Gender and Art, as well as topics in architecture, and supervises students on theses, independent studies, and internships.

She has traveled to Florence several times in recent years during trips to conduct research and as a participant in ACM faculty development activities, including the faculty site visit to the Florence Program and the interdisciplinary Mediterranean Trivium faculty seminar in 2013.

For the past two years, Kann has been pursuing an urban visual culture project that focuses on the city of Florence and the ways in which the city’s public spaces and structures become focal points for collective Florentine identities. Her research directly informs her approach to teaching students about the original context and meaning of historical art and architecture, and then helping them understand why those objects and their meanings are still vitally important to us today.

William Moseley, Professor of Geography and Department Chair, Macalester College

In India, Moseley will primarily advise students on their independent study projects, focusing on helping them identify research topics and refine their project proposals, both before arriving in India and during the initial weeks of the program.

As a human-environment and development geographer, his research interests are interdisciplinary, including themes such as food security, tropical agriculture, land reform, natural resources management, and environment and development policy. Similarly, he teaches courses at Macalester that are cross-listed in environmental studies, international studies, African studies, and international development.

Moseley has led several off-campus study programs, including the ACM Botswana Program in 2012, where he has guided students in research projects, and regularly advises students in honors theses and capstone projects. Since serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali, he has lived, worked, conducted research, traveled, and taught extensively throughout Africa as well as other parts of the world.

Paul Overvoorde, Professor of Biology and Associate Director of the Jan Serie Center for Scholarship and Teaching, Macalester College

In Tanzania, Overvoorde will teach the program’s Research Design & Methods course, guide students in their independent study projects, help plan the on-site orientation and field trips, and serve as liaison with ACM’s partner, the University of Dar es Salaam.

During the past 18 months he has traveled to Africa twice, collaborating with faculty colleagues to take students to Uganda as part of Macalester’s Global Health Scholars Program, in which students conduct multidisciplinary research on problems in global health.

A plant biologist, Overvoorde primarily teaches courses focused on cell biology and genetics. He also has collaborated with students on summer research projects and has directed student honors thesis projects which have led to publication in peer-reviewed journals.


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