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Funding Available for Pilot Projects in Digital Humanities, Language Sharing

Funding Available for Pilot Projects in Digital Humanities, Language Sharing April 17, 2015
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In what ways can faculty from liberal arts colleges and research universities work together and share resources to enhance teaching, learning, and research in the areas of digital humanities and language sharing?

That’s the central question posed in a Call for Pre-Proposals issued by the ACM and the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC), a consortium of the Big Ten universities plus the University of Chicago. Faculty projects that are selected will receive funding from the Enhancing the Midwest Knowledge Ecosystem (EMKE) program, which is supported by a grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

EMKE Call for Pre-Proposals

Design and pilot a collaborative ACM/CIC project in digital humanities or language sharing!

Download the Call for Pre-Proposals

Deadline: June 30

The call seeks faculty-designed projects to bring new resources to the classrooms and research initiatives of participating faculty and also to share the results with colleagues. For example, proposals could be aimed at helping faculty gain perspectives from other institutions and teaching environments, creating cross-consortial learning communities to support personal and professional development, or expanding resources available to faculty through sharing.

“Faculty and staff from the ACM and CIC institutions held a series of meetings sponsored by EMKE in the past two years and identified a number of common challenges, shared interests, and potential synergies for collaboration among faculty from the two sectors — liberal arts colleges and research universities,” said Brian Williams, ACM Vice President for Faculty Development and Grant Programs. “There are funds still available from the EMKE grant, about $42,000 in all, to try out some ideas as pilot projects.”

Based on recommendations that grew out of the EMKE meetings, the Call for Pre-Proposals focuses on initiatives that build faculty capacity to jointly develop locally-initiated and centered digital humanities projects, or create new models for sharing languages across the ACM and CIC consortia, especially less commonly taught languages.

According to Williams, the EMKE selection committee has set up a two-stage proposal process to facilitate faculty participation. “In this first step, the pre-proposals, we want to hear about the central focus of each project,” he said. “What’s compelling about the project? What is the challenge you’re trying to address? We’re asking faculty to send us a brief description of the project they are proposing, its purpose, goals, and major activities, and the kind of collaboration the project will foster.”

The deadline for pre-proposals is June 30, 2015. The committee will select the pre-proposals that look most promising and invite the authors to submit full project proposals by September 30, with awards announced in mid-October.

“A major objective of the EMKE project is to identify one or more areas where ACM and CIC faculty can work together effectively,” Williams said. “Our hope is that this Call for Pre-Proposals will lead to one or more pilot projects that the Mellon Foundation would be interested in funding with a larger grant.”


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