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Faculty from ACM Colleges Set for Spring Site Visit to London

Faculty from ACM Colleges Set for Spring Site Visit to London January 27, 2017
Faculty from ACM Colleges Set for Spring Site Visit to London

Six ACM college faculty will get to sample what students experience on the London & Florence: Arts in Context program when they travel to London for a five-day site visit.

The spring semester study away program is an exploration of art, architecture, theatre, and literature in two exciting cultural capitals that have played important roles in Western culture. Students split their time between London and Florence in the semester-length program options or they can choose to study in either one of the cities for the winter quarter/trimester.

Just as students on the program engage directly with the cities they are studying in a variety of ways, the site visit is structured so the faculty will learn about the program’s curriculum and activities as both observers and participants.

The site visit participants are:

  • Cyn Fitch, Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing, Knox College
  • Rebecca Graff, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Lake Forest College
  • Kristin Larson, Professor of Psychology, Monmouth College
  • Scott Legge, Associate Professor of Anthropology (Biological), Macalester College
  • Corrine Scheiner, Maytag Professor in Comparative Literature and Judson M. Bemis Professor in the Humanities, Colorado College
  • Amy Weldon, Associate Professor of English, Luther College

During the April 30-May 4 trip, the group will meet with students, Visiting Faculty Director Nancy Barry from Luther College, and resident instructor Andrew Kennedy.

They will also join the students for several classes — Barry’s theatre course and Kennedy’s two courses on London’s museums, art, and architecture — to experience the program’s approach to using the city’s public spaces, cultural institutions, and theatre scene as the classroom.

ACM site visits engage faculty as active contributors to the program’s curriculum, as well. Some of the visitors will lead parts of program’s field trips while they are in London, while others will give presentations or workshops in their area of expertise, according to ACM Assistant Director of Off-Campus Study Programs Emily Gaul, who is organizing the schedule.

“We’re also planning an exploratory component to the visit for the faculty, probably involving theatre and performance,” Gaul added. “We want to put them in the students’ shoes for a couple of hours, so they can experience firsthand the type of assignments the students have on the program.”

The ACM Faculty Site Visits Program is aimed at familiarizing faculty with consortial off-campus study programs, as well as providing opportunities for professional development. Visits to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and San José, Costa Rica are planned for the 2017-18 academic year.



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