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Bea Chihak February 2, 2022

Honorable Mention in the 2020 Nick Adams Short Story Contest

Story: Las Hermanas Grimm

Bea ChihakMore about Bea Chihak

  • Senior at Macalester College
  • Majors: History and English (Creative Writing)
  • Hometown: Minneapolis, MN

ACM: Do you have plans after graduation?

Chihak: I plan to work in various organizations around the Twin Cities that are centered on disability rights and the arts.

ACM: What sparked your interest in writing, and how did you get started writing fiction?

Chihak: Disability justice activist DJ Savarese once said “poetry is my native language.” I feel similarly. To me, writing feels like home. I started writing fiction with my best friend in elementary school and I’ve loved it ever since!

ACM: How have you developed your writing while you’ve been at Macalester?

Chihak: When I started college, I saw writing (as in capital W, mature, ‘grown up’ writing) as an individual task. But throughout college, studying public history and getting to work with amazing organizations like the Alzheimer’s Poetry Project and Cow Tipping Press, I’ve learned that writing and storytelling are deeply rooted in community. They can build and strengthen community. They can nourish love and bring about change.

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