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Listed below are winners of the Nick Adams Short Story Contest, with links to the text of the stories, if available.

See contest results from past years for more information and links to additional stories.

Note: These stories are reprinted with permission. Copying any story without the express, written permission of the author is prohibited.

2024 – “Possession” by Indy Smith, Cornell College

2023 – “Phantom” by Carling McQuinn, Macalester College

2022 – “Jean-Pierre Melville is Dead” by Soren Eversoll, Carleton College

2021 –  “Underwater, I Am Weightless” by Natalie Marsh, Carleton College

2020 – “scott disick sucks” by Ruby Elliot Zuckerman, Macalester College

2019 –  “Coming of Age in the Modern Midwest” by Catherine Johnson, Carleton College

2018 – “Maddie, the Whole World; Whole World, Maddie” by Claire Seymour, Carleton College

2017 – “Four Times Jasper Diallo Didn’t Die (and One Time He Lived)” by Rachel Stanley, Ripon College

2016 –  “Playing It Safe” by Nelson Ogbuagu, Grinnell College

2015 –  “Proudly, Unburied” by Evelyn Coffin, Knox College

2014 (Co-Winners) –  “The Fawn” by Zoey Slater, St. Olaf College and “Infinite” by Alex Zimay, Knox College

2013 –  “Truth in Lies” by Sarah Olson, Carleton College

2012 –  “Gusanos” by Clare Boerigter, Grinnell College

2011 –  “Andrew at Eid” by Adam Sirgany, Knox College

2010 –  “Hangmen” by Andrew Watt, St. Olaf College

2009 – “A Flawed Vivarium” by Kokoro Lee, Macalester College

2008 –  “Recollection” by Myra Thompson, Knox College

2007 –  “The Swans at Roxleigh” by Callie Bates, Lawrence University

2006 –  “Rolande Quits Her Job” by Sarah Schillaci, Carleton College

2005 –  “The Billie Holiday” by Anne Guidry, Carleton College

2004 –  “Entropy” by Mary Parker, Grinnell College

2003 –  “Templeton Appeared Stoic” by Ross Kelly, Knox College

2002 –  “Faculty Brat” by Benjamin Jacobson, St. Olaf College

2001 –  “At Auction: Items Offered by Hannah Elise Montgomery” by Elaine Farrugia, Knox College

2000 – “The Rapture Approaches” by Jane Yager, Macalester College

1999 – “Fun” by Anne-E. Wood, Macalester College

1998 – “Memories of the Ghost” by Srinivas Rao, College of the University of Chicago

1997 – “Dead Languages” by Lisa M. Bennett, Monmouth College

1996 (Co-Winners) – “Planes” by Seth Shafer, Colorado College and “Chrystal’s Room” by Aaron Cohn, Knox College

1995 – “Looking for Swanny” by Josh Stevens, Knox College

1994 – “The Water Gypsies” by Tenaya Darlington, Beloit College

1993 – “Wood Things” by Malia E. Gellert, Beloit College

1992 – “The Gargoyle” by Lynda Olman, Colorado College

1991 – “An Extra Measure of Grace” by Heidi Espenscheid, Lawrence University

1990 – “Walking to School in Snow” by Craig Salters, Lake Forest College

1989 – “Morning Glory” by Martha Kesler, St. Olaf College

1988 – “Staying Snow” by G. Scott Campbell, Coe College

1987 – “Low Rent” by John McKenzie, Macalester College

1986 – “Marshlands” by Timothy R. Fisher, St. Olaf College

1985 – “(What happened to) The Next Earl Anthony” by Dan Nicolai, Macalester College

1984 – “Solo” by Laurie Hovell, Lawrence University

1983 – “Rosehead” by Kim Hastings, Knox College

1982 – “Waiting for Michael” by Sheila McIntosh, Knox College

1981 – “Olive” by Elizabeth Stronge, St. Olaf College

1980 – “Sonia Rose” by Anne L. Johnson, Knox College

1979 – “Sky-Dance” by Matthew White, Beloit College

1978 – “Housecleaning” by Sue Rowe, Knox College

1977 – “The Ship” by Peter Russell, Grinnell College

1976 – “McKinley Summer” by Martha Starr, St. Olaf College

1975 – “Summer Seventy-Four” by Amy Borgstrom, Colorado College

1974 – “Pontius Pilate” by John Hagge, St. Olaf College

1973 – “Sunday Silence” by Jonathan Griffith, Cornell College

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