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From Wildlife to Village Life

From Wildlife to Village Life July 1, 2017
From Wildlife to Village Life

From a safari among the abundant wildlife in Botswana’s national parks to a trip to South Africa, travel is an exciting part of the ACM Botswana program.

A week-long program-sponsored trip to the northern part of the country features the beautiful Okavango Delta, Africa’s largest wetlands, as well as excursions to sights such as Victoria Falls.

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Students have a chance to rely on the Setswana language they’ve learned and to get a taste of daily life outside the urban environment of Gaborone during a weekend when they live with host families in a village.

Student-planned travel is part of the mix, as well. “I’m just interested in pushing myself even further out of the comfort zone and seeing how I do in other African countries,” said Nathan Smelker from Knox College, who planned a trip to Namibia. “It’s going to be exciting to just travel all around southern Africa and compare the differences of the countries around here.”

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