Projects Funded

The projects listed below have received funding from the Collaboration to Institutionalize High-Impact Practices in the Liberal Arts Program in 2023. For more information about individual projects, use the links below or go to the Project Outcomes webpage, which has features for searching faculty projects funded by this and other ACM programs.

The Learning Stance: Expanding Community-Based Learning Pedagogies across the Student Experience (Beloit College)

  • Project Leader: Donna Oliver (Martha Peterson Chair for Distinguished Faculty Service; Director for Community- Based Learning)
  • Grant Amount: $14,976

Establishing a Prison Learning Initiative at Coe College (Coe College)

  • Project Leader: Gina Hausknecht (John William King Professor of Literature and Creative Writing, English Department)
  • Grant Amount:$15,350

Leveraging the Expertise of Registrars: Building an Interdepartmental Network to Support Community Engaged Learning in the ACM (Grinnell College)

  • Project Leaders: Susan Sanning (Associate Dean and Director of Service and Social Innovation); Catherine Ashton (Registrar)
  • Grant Amount:$10,000

Neighbors Supporting Neighbors: Building Institutional Capacity for Community-Based Learning at Knox and Monmouth Colleges (Knox and Monmouth Colleges)

  • Project Leaders: Lori Walters-Kramer (Associate Professor of Communications Studies) and Kathleen Ridlon (Associate Professor of Dance; Director Kleine Center for Community Service)
  • Grant Amount:$18,280

Assets as Pedagogy: Waukegan School District and Lake Forest College Teacher and Community Project (Lake Forest College)

  • Project Leader: Desmond Odugu (Associate Professor and Chair of Education)
  • Grant Amount: $13,250

Beyond Access: Exploring Inter-Departmental Partnership in Higher Education and Career Opportunities- Legacy Barber College and Lake Forest College (Lake Forest College)

  • Project Leader: Desmond Odugu (Associate Professor and Chair of Education)
  • Grant Amount: $12,500

Serve to Learn: Lake County Service-Learning Directory and Catalogue of Resources Project (Lake Forest College)

  • Project Leader: Dawn Abt-Perkins (Professor of Education; Associate Dean of the Faculty for Student Success)
  • Grant Amount:$20,000

Mapping a Course to Institutionalize Community-Based Learning at Lawrence (Lawrence University)

  • Project Leader: Deanna Donohoue (Associate Professor of Chemistry)
  • Grant Amount: $7,910

From Framework to Proof of Concept: Developing Support for a Director of Community-Based Learning at Luther College (Luther College)

  • Project Leader: Kate Elliott (Associate Dean and Director of CELT)
  • Grant Amount: $14,627
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