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Grinnell College professor Shonda Kuiper collaborated with colleagues Laura Chihara (Carleton College) and Adam Loy (Lawrence University) to develop curricula for courses in statistics and data science. (Photo by Justin Hayworth/Grinnell College)


What ideas do ACM faculty have to enhance teaching and learning at their colleges?

Are there new pedagogical approaches to try, or curricula to prepare students for emerging career paths, or ways to use instructional technology that engage students and bring resources into the classroom?

The Faculty Career Enhancement Program (FaCE) awards grants that enable ACM faculty to engage in collaborative projects that explore ways to strengthen liberal arts education, and then to share the results widely with colleagues across the ACM and beyond.


With support from FaCE grants, faculty have created a wide range of projects to initiate change on ACM campuses, such as:

  • New curricula: To help address the demand for classes in statistics and data science, faculty from Grinnell College, Lawrence University, and Carleton College shared their expertise to create tutorials and case studies for those courses and make the materials freely available online.
  • Pedagogical advances: As field-based learning expands, Colorado College faculty and staff hosted a Symposium on Field Study to define and refine the pedagogy and practice of field study.
  • Introducing technology: Lawrence University created an interdisciplinary makerspace to provide access to advanced technology, such as 3-D printers, for faculty and students across disciplines.

Recent FaCE Projects

Faculty Working Groups to Implement Cognitive Science’s Insights in the Classroom

Abstract This grant will support two major workshops and monthly follow-up meetings for an interdisciplinary team of Lake Forest College faculty. This faculty working group will study, discuss, and pilot […]

Using Cognitive Science to Inform First Year Seminar Pedagogy

This project is designed to improve Coe’s First Year Seminar (FYS) program by creating a team-taught interdisciplinary section of FYS based in cognitive science-informed pedagogy. As common parts of the […]

Using Cognitive Science to Bridge the Gaps Between Disciplines

Abstract In theory, liberal arts students embody interdisciplinarity: poets by morning and biologists by night, they study plasma in spacecraft propulsion while tackling ancient Greece philosophy. Yet such interdisciplinarity occurs […]

The Faculty Career Enhancement Program (FaCE) is supported by a generous $2 million grant from the Mellon Foundation.

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