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London Beckons for Faculty to Learn More about ACM’s Program on Spring Site Visit

London Beckons for Faculty to Learn More about ACM’s Program on Spring Site Visit November 21, 2012
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London has long been one of the world’s great centers of politics, business and finance, transportation, and culture. In the arts, the city has been especially renowned for its tradition of theatre and literature, which have both described and shaped London’s development over the centuries.

For more than 40 years, the ACM has offered students the opportunity to experience London though an off-campus program that pairs two of Europe’s cultural centers for an interdisciplinary study of the visual and literary arts. On London & Florence: Arts in Context, students explore the rich history and engage with the vibrant present of the two cities, spending half a semester in each under the guidance of locally-based staff and visiting professors from ACM colleges.

Class taught on site in LondonA class being taught on site in London.

Photo courtesy of Heather Herriges

The London portion of the program emphasizes theatre and architecture within the broad sweep of the city’s history, as students take two courses, frequently attend plays and other theatrical events, and take field trips throughout the metropolitan area and nearby towns such as Stratford-upon-Avon.

Now, ACM is giving faculty a chance to learn more about this exciting program during a site visit to London on April 29-May 3, 2013. Faculty at ACM colleges selected for the site visit will observe courses, meet with program faculty and students, and experience how the program’s curriculum uses London’s theatres, museums, architecture, and neighborhoods as “texts.” Site visit participants will also share their expertise with students by giving a lecture, leading a workshop or master class, or in some other way contributing to the curriculum.

The visit is intended for faculty who are not familiar with the program in London and are tenured or are in tenure-track or other continuing appointments at ACM colleges. ACM pays for the travel, lodging, meals, and other costs of the scheduled activities.

Applications for the London site visit are due on January 31, 2013. For more information or to apply, see the Call for Applications or contact Joan Gillespie, ACM Vice President and Director of Off-Campus Study (jgillespie@acm.edu; 312-263-5000).

The Faculty Site Visits Program sponsors a trip each semester to one of the ACM program sites, which include Chicago, Botswana, Tanzania, Costa Rica, India, Italy, and the U.K. Since the inaugural site visit to Florence in fall 2011, faculty have visited Chicago (spring 2012) and Costa Rica (fall 2012), with a second group heading to Costa Rica next spring.


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