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How Much Green Will You Need? It’s All in Black and White

How Much Green Will You Need? It’s All in Black and White April 6, 2009

Figuring out a budget for off-campus study – as well as comparing the cost of programs – has just gotten a lot easier for students considering ACM off-campus study programs.

Every ACM program now has a comprehensive Cost Information Sheet available by clicking the “Cost” link on program’s webpage. A complete set of Cost Sheets for all the programs is at www.acm.edu/pricing.

The Cost Information Sheets take the guesswork, and unwelcome surprises, out of budgeting for an off-campus study program. Here’s what the Cost Information Sheet for each ACM program spells out:

  • Tuition billed by ACM.
  •  Program fee billed by ACM, along with a listing of exactly what is covered by the fee, such as housing or field trips.
  • Estimate for Out-of-Pocket Expenses, such as transportation, meals, and books and supplies. These estimates are based on the experience of past participants, so the actual amount spent may vary from student to student.
  • Sample of Personal Purchases. This detailed list shows prices, in local currency, of a variety of everyday purchases, such as lunch, shampoo, or a newspaper. There’s also a link to get the up-to-date exchange rates for Pulas, Rupees, Euros, and other currencies. In short, students will find the information they need to draw up a budget for their day-to-day expenses on the program.

Along with ACM’s new pricing structure for off-campus study programs, the Cost Information Sheets are designed to help students and families by simplifying cost comparisons between ACM programs and other off-campus study programs.

Students should check with their Off-Campus Study Office and their Financial Aid Office to confirm how their college charges students for off-campus study programs, what additional campus fees may apply, and what financial aid may be used toward the cost of their program.

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