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Inside View of the Uffizi Gallery Was a “Fantastic Experience”

Inside View of the Uffizi Gallery Was a “Fantastic Experience” October 25, 2013
Inside View of the Uffizi Gallery Was a "Fantastic Experience"

When he participated in the 2013 spring semester London & Florence: Arts in Context program, Lake Forest College student Giancarlo Colasanti had the rare opportunity of taking an internship at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

Here are some of his reflections on the experience.

The most interesting aspect of my internship was having the opportunity to work in a world-renowned art museum, La Galleria degli’Uffizi (Uffizi Gallery) in Florence, Italy. It was incredible having the chance to work in an office with Italians and experience daily working life in Italy.

All of the staff I worked with at the Uffizi were very welcoming from day one. They were all very friendly and curious about my study abroad experience and how I was enjoying my time in Italy and the office of La Galleria degli’Uffizi. This made me feel very comfortable right away.

I was exposed to many different aspects of the museum, and was fortunate enough to work on a small project for a new exhibit that would be released in a newly built section of the gallery. I got a sneak peak at the pieces that were coming in, saw how art works were transported, and how things like lighting and the setup of each room were dictated and adjusted based on the specific art in that room.

The most challenging part of the internship might have been some of the specific language used in the office. My Italian is good but sometimes when my colleagues would explain things very fast or using words very specific to the art industry, I would need to double check what they were saying by asking them and then explaining it in a way I could articulate. This method always worked and was actually very useful in helping me progress with my language skills.

Besides that the hardest part was leaving, because I enjoyed being there so much!

It was a fantastic experience and I was both proud and extremely thankful – especially to Program Director Jodie Mariotti, as well as Signora Patrizia Tarchi and Signore Antonio Natali of the Uffizi Gallery – to have this wonderful opportunity.

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The photo above of Giancarlo Colasanti was taken at Piazzale Michaelangelo, overlooking the city of Florence.

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