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Six Faculty Projects Receive ACM FaCE Grants Totaling $86,000

Six Faculty Projects Receive ACM FaCE Grants Totaling $86,000 February 11, 2015

Faculty from ten ACM colleges are among the leaders of collaborative projects that have received grants from ACM’s Faculty Career Enhancement (FaCE) Program. In all, the program awarded six grants totaling more than $86,000 in the Fall 2014 funding cycle.

ACM Faculty Career Enhancement (FaCE) Program

The projects will engage faculty from across the consortium in a variety of ways, from creating interactive, digital course modules about Asian Americans in the Midwest to exploring ways to collaborate on courses for students in data science to sharing innovative uses for digital technology in religion courses.

Two of the projects will sponsor workshops for ACM faculty, one on digital storytelling and the other on field study pedagogy, while another will offer a “summer camp” where faculty, instructional technologists, and librarians can work together to develop classroom assignments in the digital humanities.

“We received 16 grant proposals, and the topics the faculty proposed reached across the disciplines to include the sciences, humanities and arts, and social sciences,” said Brian Williams, ACM Vice President and Director of Faculty Development and Grant Programs. “With so many excellent project proposals submitted in this cycle, the FaCE steering committee had to make some difficult choices in deciding which ones to fund.”

FaCE Program

The FaCE program, supported by a six-year, $2 million grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, awards funding through a competitive process for initiatives that bring faculty together to explore innovative ways to strengthen teaching and learning at the ACM colleges.

Each academic year, FaCE emphasizes a particular theme related to the challenges and opportunities facing liberal arts colleges. The theme, which in 2014-15 is technology-enabled education, is highlighted at a consortial conference in the fall and project proposals related to the theme receive preference for funding.

The program is structured with two funding cycles per year. The Request for Proposals has been issued for the Spring 2015 cycle, with a deadline of April 15. See the FaCE webpage for complete details.

FaCE projects funded in Fall 2014

The topics and leaders of the projects funded by FaCE in the Fall 2014 cycle are:

Project leaders: Ka Wong (Asian Studies, St. Olaf College), Benjamin Gottfield (Office of Information Technology, St. Olaf College), and Ying Zhou (Asian Studies, St. Olaf College)

Project leaders: Mark Willhardt (English, Monmouth College) and Michael Schneider (History, Knox College)

Project leaders: Bradley Miller (Computer Science, Luther College), Shonda Kuiper (Statistics, Grinnell College), and Gavin Cross (Mathematics, Coe College)

Project leaders: Benjamin Zeller (Religion, Lake Forest College), Pamela Reaves (Religion, Colorado College), and Brian Smith (Religion, Ripon College)

Project leaders: Drew Cavin (Deans Office, Colorado College), Emily Chan (Deans Office, Colorado College), and Michael Healy (Advancement Office, Colorado College)

Project leaders: Daniel Trudeau (Geography, Macalester College), Katie Pratt (Institute for Global Citizenship, Macalester College), and Brad Belbas (Information Technology Services, Macalester College)


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