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ACM Student Film Conference & Festival Will Showcase Creative and Academic Work

ACM Student Film Conference & Festival Will Showcase Creative and Academic Work October 30, 2015
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With its interdisciplinary mix of arts, culture, creativity and technology, film studies is a rapidly growing field on many ACM campuses.

To bring film studies into sharper focus, three professors are taking the lead in organizing a marquee event at Lawrence University this spring to showcase the best creative and academic work of student filmmakers, screenwriters, and scholars from across the ACM.

The ACM Student Film Conference & Festival on April 1-3, 2016, will provide both a venue for students to present their work and a forum to exchange perspectives and learn from faculty, distinguished media artists, and industry professionals.

ACM Student Film Conference & Festival

April 1-3, 2016
Lawrence University

Call for entries:

• Film/video/new media
• Screenplays
• Scholarly papers


January 1, 2016

Keynote speakers will contribute to the educational strength of the program, bringing an industry perspective to complement formal scholarship. The project organizers are also developing a dual-purpose website to promote the Film Conference & Festival and to share resources before, during, and after the event.

A selection committee of faculty, professionals in the field, and students from the ACM member colleges will make all programming decisions for the Film Festival, and an independent jury will recognize top submissions in each category. A committee of ACM faculty and students will select the scholarly papers to be presented.

The leaders of the project are Amy Ongiri (Jill Beck Director of Film Studies and Associate Professor of Film Studies, Lawrence University), Theresa Geller (Associate Professor of English, Grinnell College), and John Kaufman (Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts, Beloit College).

The three faculty members collaborated to secure a grant for $38,685 from the ACM Faculty Career Enhancement (FaCE) Program to cover expenses such as lodging and meals for student participants. Lawrence University and its Film Studies program are also providing funding to host the event.

According to Ongiri, Geller, and Kaufman, the main goal of the Film Conference & Festival is to create a collaborative atmosphere for film studies across the ACM campuses that will spark larger discussions of curriculum development, research opportunities, and the possibility for future collaborations. The event will also present an opportunity for consortial faculty to show leadership and outstanding undergraduate education in this technology-rich field.

Call for Submissions

Students at ACM member colleges are eligible to submit work to present at the Film Conference & Festival in three areas:

  • Film, video, and new media works of all lengths, modes, and genres, including documentary, narrative, animation, experimental, music video, PSA, and new media;
  • Screenplays in every genre and of any length;
  • Scholarly papers on topics from a variety of theoretical, cultural, and historical approaches to film studies and visual culture.

The entry deadline is January 1, 2016. There is no entry fee and students are encouraged to submit multiple works for consideration.

Students whose submissions have been selected for the Conference & Festival will be notified on January 31, and the deadline for them to submit their accepted work will be February 20. Details and entry forms are at the ACM Film Conference & Festival website.

The ACM FaCE Program funds joint research projects, teaching and learning collaborations, collaboratively organized events, and other cooperative initiatives by faculty at ACM colleges. FaCE is made possible by is supported by generous support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


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