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One Search, 14 Colleges

One Search, 14 Colleges May 16, 2016

Do you want to find out what courses ACM colleges offer in astronomy, film studies, or another discipline? Or compare the recycling efforts on ACM campuses?

Are you a faculty member interested in finding colleagues who also work on your subfield of teaching or research, or an administrator reaching out to staff at other institutions?

There’s a quick way to “Google ACM” to get answers to your questions about what your colleagues are doing at ACM member colleges. Simply search for the information by using this Google custom search engine, which aggregates search responses from the websites of all 14 colleges.

“This can be an effective tool for people at ACM colleges to connect with each other or learn what colleagues are doing at other campuses,” said ACM President Christopher Welna. “Faculty can search for colleagues in their discipline or area of specialization, or staff can quickly look up contact information or policies of their counterparts at other ACM colleges.”

A link to this custom search is located on the ACM website under the “About Us” tab on the Colleges webpage. You can, of course, bookmark the link to save it in your browser for future use.


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