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November Brown

November Brown May 1, 2023

Finalist in the 2023 Nick Adams Short Story Contest

Story: Soft Machines

November Brown

More about November Brown:

  • Senior at Grinnell College
  • Majors: English and Psychology
  • Hometown: Kewadin, MI

ACM: Do you have plans after graduation?

Brown: I plan to attend graduate school in the next few years to obtain an MFA in Creative Writing. In the meantime, I will be employed at a local bookstore and working towards publishing a novel!

ACM: What sparked your interest in writing, and how did you get started writing fiction?

Brown: I began writing fiction when the backstories for my Barbies became too complicated to remember.

ACM: How have you developed your writing while you’ve been at Grinnell?

Brown: Grinnell College has provided me with ample resources and mentorship to improve my writing. My story, “Soft Machines,” began as a flash fiction piece in a workshop seminar there.

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