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Off-Campus Study Programs

Message About ACM Off-Campus Study Programs

ACM has discontinued management of its three off-campus study programs (learn more). Students can still apply directly to affiliated programs.

Go where only the liberal arts can take you.

As an ACM student, you have the opportunity to explore several off-campus study programs that are offered by ACM colleges or a partner institution. Please use the links listed below to find an overview, contact information, and the main website for each program.

Shared Programs

ACM Shared Programs

ACM colleges that operate their own off-campus study programs have an agreement to open available spots to students from other ACM campuses. Please visit the page linked above for more information.

Affiliated Program (ACM will continue this partnership through the 2023-2024 academic year.)

students jumping in Japan

Japan Study: Cultural Immersion with Classes at Waseda University in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan

Become an international citizen as you explore Japanese culture, build your language skills, and experience daily life in the traditional yet dynamic city of Tokyo.

  • Schedule: Fall/spring semesters or full academic year
  • Who can apply: Undergraduates from any four-year US college or university
  • Host institution: Waseda University
  • Living arrangements: Homestay with a Japanese host family
  • Language requirement: One semester/term, or the equivalent, of Japanese language study prior to departure. Except for the required Japanese language course, all classes are conducted in English.
  • Application deadline: The application deadline for the 2024-2025 academic year is January 2, 2024.


Michael Vertovec, Associate Program Manager
180 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 2020, Chicago, IL 60601
312.561.5934 / mvertovec@acm.edu

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